Digital Talent Co. Founder on the Her Business Podcast

Digital is more than just a marketing channel. In this week’s episode of the Social Media for Small Business Podcast, Suzi Dafnis and Car Matson talk with Holly Tattersall – the founder and CEO of Women in Digital and Digital Talent Co, two digital recruitment agencies that help match clients and companies that understand the value of digital – about unlocking the full potential of the digital medium.

Listen in to find out more about:

  • Building an engaged community, and how that can lead to a marketing channel
  • How both of Holly’s businesses got started
  • Using digital content to build credibility
  • How social media can lead to real business opportunities
  • Using social media to show the face behind your brand and attract interest
  • The importance of having a passion for social media (or hiring someone who does)

Also mentioned in this episode: