Agency Life: an eye opening day inside one of Brisbane’s best

I recently spent some time working in a Digital Agency and it was amazing to see what agency life was all about. Having joined Digital Talent Co. just two months ago, I have to say that the Digital World  is like another universe! Until recently the terms UX, UI, PPC, SEM and SEO were completely foreign to me, after spending 2 years in professional services upon graduating with a Finance degree from QUT.

Curious to learn more about Digital I took the leap and have since immersed myself in the industry, and so with the support of the amazing people at Reload Media, I was lucky enough to spend half a day in their Brisbane office. From the start, I felt welcomed. Everyone was open for a chat and they didn’t mind taking time out of their day to explain their role in the company.
For those of you who don?t know, Reload Media is a reputable digital agency that provides a variety of digital and marketing services to companies across different industries. With offices located in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, Reload is known for their holistic approach by listening to their client?s goals and objectives. They have won over 18 awards and will continue providing the right results for their clients through a collaborative approach.
What I learnt:
Creativity: Everyone was creative! Whether it was from their work to the set out of their desk or their funky fashion style (keep in mind, I come from a very corporate structure, so this whole wearing sneakers and jeans to work was new to me).
Teamwork: Hands down, something I noticed the most. Everyone worked closely together and would always be open to providing feedback or a helping hand.
Why agency life is amazing:
Development: There is room for you to develop an amazing array of knowledge and skills. I also think working in an agency will help you professional, mentally and personally grow.
Fast paced: Working in an agency, you will constantly be busy and moving from different tasks, meetings and projects. This will help you to develop the ability to work under pressure, have strong attention to detail and time management.
Variety: You will have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients, gaining insight into different industries. You will also have so many different responsibilities, growing skills to multi-task.
Tips to gain work experience in an agency:
1. Research – There are so many companies out there, so write down a list of what is important to you in a workplace and research every company until you find the one that is right for you.
2. Build relationships – this is not only important when you are seeking a new role but also when you are working in an agency. Building solid relationships will definitely help you in the long run and who knows you might end up making long-term friends.
3. Be yourself – I know this is a cliche, but it’s true. You need to be yourself to stand out and make a name for yourself, whether it’s through social media, the way you approach situations or your personality.
4. Last but not least – chat to a Digital recruiter about the agency relationships they have. Each recruiter has their own network, so it’s important to align yourself with a recruiter that works with companies you’d love to work with.
Now I know each person has their own experience and opinion when it comes to working in an agency because, in the end, it comes down to the company, your personality and the overall environment. But, I certainly had an amazing experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat!
If you’re keen to chat to me about getting your start in agency life. Get in touch!

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