FAQ Candidates

For Candidates

What sort of candidates do you represent?

We represent Digital specialists that have the right attitude and dedication to securing the next step in their digital career. Role types include:

  • Digital Marketers (Co-ordinators, Managers, SEO, SEM, Social)
  • Developers (Front End & Full Stack)
  • UX & UI Designers
  • UX & UI Developers
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Digital Strategy & Innovation
  • Customer Experience Managers

Once we have met with you, we will have a frank conversation about representation. In some instances training, or professional development is recommended before we can provide full representation to our clients.

Are my details secure?

Your details are securely stored with an Australian based database, alongside a company commitment to keeping your details and job search safe.

I haven’t told my employer that I’m looking for a new job, how do I know they won’t find out through you?

In the Recruitment process, we have two customers – you the candidate, and our clients. With you as our customer, we have a vested interest in keeping your job search top secret and providing confidential advice that is in the best interests of your career.

I’m a graduate, can you help me get my first graduate job?

As recruiters, our value is in finding unique, untapped talent, so if you haven’t set yourself apart from other graduates we will help you develop a strategy and development plan to do so. This may take the form of interview practice and assistance, training suggestions and new job opportunities.

I’m looking for a career change, how can you help me?

Firstly, not everyone working in Digital and IT is a tech guru, so we may have opportunities that suit your experience in another industry. Secondly, where a role does require technical nous, we’re able to communicate your transferable skills and experience to our clients and provide interim training recommendations to assist you with up-skilling and transferring to a Digital career. There is no one transition solution to suit everyone, as we’re all individuals and we’ll treat you that way.

How many recruiters should I have representing me?

One to two recruiters max. Anymore and you won’t have receive dedicated Recruiter effort to find you your perfect role.

Why should I meet with you, isn’t my resume enough?

We only get half of the picture by speaking with you over the phone and seeing your resume. In representing you to our clients we need to ensure there is not only a technical fit, but a personality and culture fit too. Those softer aspects of a job search can only be assessed face to face.

Why do you need my references?

We like to present you with our perspective and that of a past employer to ensure that our clients have a comprehensive understanding of you, your abilities and experience. This is a once off reference check.

When can I expect you to find me a new job?

Given the number of external factors – industry and market conditions and time of year this can vary. For represented candidates we will endeavour to arrange client interviews within the first 1-2 weeks.

When can I expect to hear back from you?

We endeavour to contact every candidate after an interview and provide feedback on how their job search is progressing on a fortnightly basis.