Digital Talent Co. work with the very best digital specialists in Australia including:

  • Front End Developers
  • UX Designers
  • UI Designers
  • Digital Strategists
  • CX Specialists
  • Innovation Specialists
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Digital Producer
  • Account Managers
  • Digital Marketing Manager/Co-ordinators
Unbundled recruitment
Digital Talent Co. offer unbundled recruitment services to assist employers with the scope of assistance they require. Digital recruitment requires a specialised understanding of the industry, roles and skill sets, and we see our client relationships as partnerships for the long-term in building your in-house digital capability.

From end-to-end recruitment through to unbundled services such as candidate screening or shortlisting, our services are flexible to suit your needs. Services include:

Candidate sourcing and screening
If you’re seeking assistance in sourcing candidates to interview then we can provide a shortlist of qualified and screened talent for you to further interview and hire. As a trusted advisor to digital talent we hope to be your first point of call in your candidate sourcing needs. Digital Talent Co. also offer skills assessment of candidates in development, testing, digital marketing, UX/UI /CX roles.

End-to-end digital recruitment
As specialist digital recruiters we prefer to own the recruitment process from end-to-end with an initial consultation to discover your digital talent needs. We’ll provide you with guidance on the digital talent market and offer solutions to suit your budget, in-house capability and long-term strategic direction. We have worked on one-off candidate recruitment through to full team sourcing and selection, so have the scale of services to suit you.

Contractor/Consultant introductions
If you aren’t looking to bring someone on full-time but rather need assistance with your digital strategy consider a digital consultant to assist you. We’re connected to the very best digital consultants across Australia and facilitate introductions to specialists that have the skills to suit your business needs.