Doing a thorough company and role review is critical?to preparing for interview. Its important to check their online and offline presence (where possible), read company reports, check for any mentions in the media and gain a solid understanding of market and industry conditions.

  • Social Media?
    Check out all of the platforms which they are present on. What do the platforms tell you about the company culture, and the importance of Social Media?to this company.
  • Company Reports
    If possible, download and read any company reports which are publicly available. This will give you content to refer to about the company direction, market conditions and any success or challenges the company has faced over the last few years.
  • Media
    A quick Google search will provide you with external view points and media commentary.
  • Industry Conditions
    Where is the?industry?going, and how will you contribute to their future? By understanding market conditions you can quickly demonstrate a long term interest in the company and its direction.

Next up, check out how to respond to the hiring criteria, with a thorough Position Description Review.