The Road to Sophisticated Flexible Work Arrangements

The options for flexible work are endless, and gone are the days where bean bags and table tennis tables ticked the box for talent attraction. As employees, we are increasingly seeking out organisations that offer tailored work solutions to suit individual needs.

Millennials are often labeled as the generation that care less about the dollar figure on their paycheque and more about life, reward and fulfilment. However, the trend toward flexible work is in no way confined to Gen Y. In a market with a skill shortage across a number of professions and industries, employees from different age, gender and family status are embracing flexible work and life. And employers are responding.

More and more organisations are offering increasingly sophisticated flexible work arrangements in the hope of reaping benefits in the form of more engaged, loyal and productive employees, and to enhance their ability to attract and retain top talent (Nous Group, Flexible work, good for business? 13/01/18)

You shouldn’t have to be a smoker to take 10 minute breaks if it boosts your productivity. School pick-ups and parental responsibilities are not the only reason for someone to request varied hours; hobbies, passions and working during the time when you are most productive are all eligible options. Employers are learning how to accommodate their employees outside the norm, and recognising the benefits associated.

Encouraging and facilitating flexible work for employees boosts productivity, is a cost-saving initiative and is directly related to loyalty and engagement. It is also a necessary tool for creating an inclusive and diverse work environment. And, don’t forget you are helping create a happy life for someone that is contributing to your business.

The current shape of flexible work

So what are employers offering their staff? Click through the links to find out a bit more.

A blanket rule for flexibility does not work. Your team, your employees, your future talent live incredibly unique lives and to keep them happy and engaged work offerings need to be tailored specifically.

Here’s a list of a few Aussie companies leading the way in employer-first work strategy:

We work with a number of other Brisbane based companies following in the footsteps of these market leaders. So, get in touch to chat about flexible work opportunities, remote work, organisations leading the way in Australia and what your company can do to attract, retain, engage and get the most out of your team.

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