UQ’s Innovation & Teaching department partners with DTCo.

Recruitment can be an exhausting task, particularly when roles have been open for an extended length of time. At UQ’s ITALI (Innovation, Teaching and Learning Department) the leadership team were struggling to find the right calibre of talent for their Deputy Director of Digital Learning.

After recruiting the role through their internal HR team, and sourcing through their own networks, a decision was made to engage a recruitment agency. After the earlier successful recruitment of the ITS departments’ Deputy Director, Digital Talent Co. was again appointed to exclusively recruit on this role.

The challenge in recruiting for this role was the few number of candidates with the scope of experience and leadership for the role. The position demanded experience leading the Digital Transformation of a university, of similar scope to the University of Queensland. At UQ, this role requires extensive stakeholder management to lead the culture change, and embrace of Digital Transformation. No easy feat for a prestigious, traditional institution like UQ.

Whilst recruiting the role we spoke to candidates from all major universities, TAFE’s, Schools, and RTO’s, many of whom were excited about the role, but few of whom had the experience the role demanded to overhaul the digital systems across the university – from library to science department.

The Digital Talent Co. team were able to shortlist three candidates for the role, with two invited for interview from Sydney and Melbourne. The panel interview process was challenging, and required the candidates to be prepared to answer questions from five perspectives of how they would make the role their own and achieve success milestones.

The two candidates were virtually indistinguishable, and finally the university decided to appoint Greg WinslettΒ as the director of Digital Learning, and the second shortlisted candidate Janet Frizzarin the Program Delivery Manager, supporting the roll out of the various Digitisation projects.

Digital Talent Co. is incredibly proud to have placed such challenging roles, and helping the university to fill such an urgent void. If you have hard to fill roles then contact Digital Talent Co. on 1800 793 203 for a confidential discussion of how we can assist.

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